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RYSE Media – dedicated to supporting media projects that supports stories of social justice and diverse voices.

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Coming Home Again

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Audrie & Daisy

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The Eagle Huntress


"What started as a wild idea turned into something more dangerous in 'Icarus', a documentary that had the good fortune to be filming when bad news broke."

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"'Audrie & Daisy' is emotionally difficult to watch….[Filmmakers] hope it will start a conversation between parents and their kids about drinking, cyberbullying, and consent. And there is plenty more to be said about truth, strength, and standing up for what is right."

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"['Step'] is an ebullient chronicle of a Baltimore girls step team's senior year matches a fascinating, worthy subject with unabashedly joyful filmmaking."

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"Making a breathtakingly impressive feature-directing debut, documentarian Otto Bell traveled to the far northwest corner of Mongolia to observe Aisholpan not only as she tamed and enlisted the loyalty of an imposing bird of prey but also as she overcame the ingrained sexism of her elders — all while maintaining the same dazzling, serene smile."

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