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RYSE Media is dedicated to funding and producing independent storytelling that is engaging with social impact. The company advocates powerful stories about some of the most challenging social justice issues of our time including human rights, immigration, gender parity, the achievement gap, trauma recovery, healing, systemic racism and racial equality. Additionally, RYSE Media continues to present and support stories that convey the richness and diversity of Asian American experiences, exposing audiences to the authentic voices and diverse stories of Asian Americans. 

Working closely with renowned filmmakers, journalists and educators along with CAAM, PBS and other film, social impact and equity funds. In addition to documentaries and narratives, RYSE Media supports a variety of projects that include television, theatre, education and social programs.


Through powerful storytelling, RYSE Media hopes audiences will see the world with greater insights, and with inspired empathy and meaningful social action.


"RYSE (Refugee Youth Summer Enrichment) was the program that I, along with my lifelong friends, led throughout our college years serving newly immigrated teens throughout Boston at Phillips Brooks House, Harvard University. We taught English and served as mentors to some of the poorest kids whose lives were shattered by war and helped them regain control of their future. The work gave me a lifelong perspective of our world and serves as a reminder to continue to make this world a better place for all. As a daughter of refugees and through RYSE, I am reminded of my commitment to diversity, inclusion and human rights, and making sure all voices are heard. So, it makes sense to name my company RYSE Media." -Naja Lockwood, Founder and CEO

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