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Dear Friends,


At this time, I’m taking a sabbatical of sorts from all new EP Projects. Over 10 years, I have successfully launched close to 30+ films with Impact Partners and as sole EP.  I am only  following through on existing commitments. My team and I need a pause as I venture further into storytelling and focus on personal aspirations.


Thank you for telling your stories on some of the most pressing social justice issues of our time. I continue to believe that we can transform our culture through the power of storytelling. 


Naja Pham Lockwood

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Announcing IP's 2021 Documentary Producers Fellows!

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Meet the 2021 Women of the Year honorees


Asian Shadows Scores Cannes Deals on Wayne Wang, Soda Kazuhiro Titles

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'Try Harder!' Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2021


'76 Days' Made it on the Oscars 



Through The Lens:

‘76 Days’

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"A Doc About Wuhan's Lockdown Was 'Too Real' For My Wuhan-Born Dad. I'm Glad I Watched" -NPR

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‘76 Days’ Review by

The New York Times: Fortitude on China’s Frontlines

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’76 Days’ Review by Variety:

A Strong, Heart-Pounding Doc From the Medical Frontline of the Pandemic in Wuhan

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Director Hao Wu On Drama Of Oscar-Contending Covid Doc ‘76 Days’

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"76 Days":

All you need to know about documentary on early days of Covid-19

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"76 Days" is nominated for the  Best Documentary Gotham Award 

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IDA Awards Feature and Short Documentary Shortlist ’76 Days’ 

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"76 Days Is Unwatchable Yet Utterly Compelling"

-The Atlantic

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"A New History of Being Asian-American"

-The New Yorker

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"PBS docuseries 'Asian Americans' explores decades of prejudice and perseverance"

-USA Today

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